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i am auther at the lotus spa in delhi


TOP 5 MASSAGE CENTER IN DELHI WITH LUXURY SERVICES Regular body massage keeps the body working at optimal levels. It keeps people well-physically and emotionally. A body massage also Improving Mood It's no secret that massage can relax you and make you feel good mentally. But did you know that it may even help treat [...]

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What is Tantra Massage

Tantra massage is a massage that is used to achieve a higher state of consciousness with sexual energy. The Tantra massagers use their fingertips for awakening the dormant powers of the body. After awakening this energy, lovers can achieve an ecstatic feeling among themselves. Along with decreasing the physical and mental pain, this therapy also [...]

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What is Happy Ending Massage and massage center in Delhi

Happy ending massage is a very common phrase. It is famous in all around the world, and its popularity is ever growing. It is a massage where the massager offers sexual intercourse with the customer. It will start with the regular massaging the entire body followed by sex to conclude. It is called happy ending [...]

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Best Female to male Body to Body massage treatment for you in Delhi

Finding a body to body massage service provider in a city like Delhi is easy. If you are tired of your monotonous life style and need to relax for some time, then there are many beautiful and good therapists who can help you. They offer best body to body massage in Delhi that are designed [...]

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