Be it a couple body massage or head massage, getting it the correct way helps you relax your nerves and increase your blood circulation, for a perfectly calm and active body. There are so many places which offering couple massage in delhi. A massage helps to revitalize and refresh your skin, and calms your tense muscles. Though massages can be enjoyed alone, there is also a theme called “couple massage” which lets you enjoy your massage with your partner.

Now what exactly couple massage is, that you and your partner and given massages on different beds, and by different people, but in the same room. So though it is advised not to, but you can converse with your partner during a massage and can certainly watch them enjoy the relaxing feeling.The best part is, that a couple massage does not necessarily mean that there has to be a wife and husband or a girlfriend or boyfriend, but anyone you feel comfortable with!You can enjoy your massage with your best friend, or sibling, or cousin, or you might plan a mother-daughter day out and just enjoy the massage with your mom! (or daughter, if you are the mother!) A couple massage comes with a lot of benefits for one’s mind and body and its easy available at the lotus spa New Delhi First of all, if you are trying a massage for the very first time, you will have someone with you to keep you company. This way, you will feel better and comfortable.

It promotes sharing and bonding which helps you know each other better. When you share your free and relaxation time together, it helps you connect more and more and you feel serene and happy. Massage stimulates nerves and thus releases good hormones like Oxycontin, which makes you feel happy and loved. And when enjoyed with a partner, that would be like a feeling of ecstasy!


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