Tantra massage is a massage that is used to achieve a higher state of consciousness with sexual energy. The Tantra massagers use their fingertips for awakening the dormant powers of the body. After awakening this energy, lovers can achieve an ecstatic feeling among themselves. Along with decreasing the physical and mental pain, this therapy also arouses sensual feelings. It is an ancient healing technique and has been the best for increasing physical love among couples. An expert can teach you the methods for higher sexual satisfaction with your partner. Positive energy will flow through your body every time you avail this massage.

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There is a specific procedure to complete this massage. It starts with a bath, and you will be given a towel as part of the ritual clothing. Sensual oriental music will be played to give you further relaxation of mind. Oils and lotions will be applied all over your body to purify the skin tone. Just after the oiling, you can ring the bell, and the actual massage will begin. The ritual is to awaken all your senses to their highest order. You will realize your full human potential and will open up your mind.  So enjoy and contact for full body to body massage and tantra massage the lotus spa in Delhi, we have high-class ambience and so enjoy tantra massage at low cost in south Delhi from safe and trusted spa centre in Delhi.